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The Cromatic line was designed to promote cauterization and recovery of damaged hair.

  • Clear Fresh Shampoo

    Clear Fresh Shampoo

    Promotes a refreshing and gentle cleansing of the scalp and strands. The Menthyl Lactate, Lactic Acid derived from Mentha Piperita promotes a sense of freshness to the scalp. Active ingredients act in synergy to promote the closing of pores, preventing the accumulation of residual on the scalp and unclogging hair follicles. It can be used in the preparation of strands, ensuring complete removal of residuals for total absorption during the cauterization process. 33.8 fl.oz / 10.1 fl.oz

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  • Conditioning Mask

    Conditioning Mask

    Cromatic Conditioning Mask promotes the revitalization of the strands. It has humectant, moisturizing, conditioning action which promotes softness and shine to the hair. 10.1 fl.oz

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  • Fluid Keratin Spray

    Fluid Keratin Spray

    It is a repository of hair mass without rinsing for prolonged contact with hair. Collagen, Cysteine and quaternized Keratin Amino Acids replenish amino acids vital to the health of strands, fill and rebuild cuticles, increase endurance, and conditioning detangling strands. 16.9 fl.oz

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  • Reconditioner & Finisher

    Reconditioner & Finisher

    Cromatic Reconditioner & Finisher protects sensitized hair through to the next shampooing. The Cationic thermo polymer present in this formulation promotes conditioning, hairstyle maintenance, anti-frizz effect, modeling of curls and water resistance. Avocado Oil, Collagen and Algae Extract replenish lipids and amino acids naturally present in the strands. 10.1 fl.oz

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  • Reconstructor Hair Balm

    Reconstructor Hair Balm

    Cromatic Reconstructor Hair Balm creates a repository of hair mass. Keratin and Collagen are vital in the formation of tissues and give strength and elasticity to the skin and hair. The association of Polymers, Hydrolyzed Keratin and Collagen gel form a protective film, increasing the resistance of the strands and brightness. 16.9 fl.oz

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