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  • Cromatic Manual

    The Cromatic Line designed to promote, in three steps, cauterization and recovery of chemically or physically damaged hair, with the option of adding the finisher. The new proposal, with state-of-the-art active ingredients, optimizes effects, reduces application time and costs.
    Versatile, the Cromatic Line offers Keratin -a main component of hair - in our products Capillary Reconstructor Concentrate Balm and Cromatic Fluid Keratin Spray.

  • Lyzzo Manual

    The technology of amino nutrient in n.Restore has Carbo.Cisteines and biocompatible agents that promote anti-frizz reduction and volume control. Shea esters, silicones and Pro Vitamin B5 restore the strands, providing intense shine, conditioning and natural-looking movement.

  • Glam Manual

    The Glam Style Color Line is designed to seamlessly work the hair fibers, taking into account their physiology or altered state after dyeing or bleaching processes.
    Much more than a simple moisturizer, Glam Style Color Line is a differentiated reconstruction system retexturing capillaries with active ingredients specially chosen to complement each other, promoting the restoration of the natural elasticity and resistance of the strands, sealing cuticles, promoting anti-frizz, color maintenance, healthy appearance, tridimensional luster and softness to the touch.

  • nutrahair Lyzzo n.Restore - Explanatory Video

    Video application Lyzzo Premium n.Restore

  • Coloring Tips

    Learn techniques and coloring procedures with renowned hairdresser Cida Brazil.

  • Technical Colorimetry - Nutra Color Campaign 2012

    Model: Ruane Ballmant
    Colorista: Cida Brazil
    Time spent: 4h

    Before starting the procedure, you must perform a test of strands to assess the elasticity of the hair. To see how much time if needed for discoloring of each strand, do more testing with Nutra Color White Bleach Powder, leaving it to react for 20 minutes.

    NECK: Utilize Nutra Color White Bleaching Powder with Nutra Color 20V Creamy Hydrogen Peroxide to make highlight slides with very transparent brushstrokes should always be vertical and put more product on the ends and very little at the root. Until the middle back of the head, repeat the same process.

    FRONT: Using Nutra Color 30V Creamy Hydrogen Peroxide with more deposit at the root. After this procedure, wash hait with Glam! Color Style shampoo.

    TERMINATION: Apply Nutra Color 7.89 with Nutra Color 8V Creamy Hydrogen Peroxide and leave it for 5 minutes. Rinse, spread Glam! Color Style Sealant and finish with Glam! Color Style Reconstructor. Note: To color the strands, use paper instead of aluminum foil.

  • Monoi de Tahiti Volume Reducer - Manual

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