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  •  Pigmentation of Strands

    Pigmentation of Strands

    The Nutra Color Coloring darkens or lightens your hair by as many shades as are desired, for natural untreated hair, up to three tones. To lighten up natural hair by four tones bleaching of stands is necessary. The colors are not strong enough to lighten dyed hair, and in this case bleaching is required, regardless of the degree of lightening desired. For white hair, a key color is recommended along with a nuance chosen to enhance the results.

  •  Coloring and Color Maintenance

    Coloring and Color Maintenance

    The Process of Coloring
    Coloring hair is an easy and authentic way for people to express personality, follow trends, color the gray hair or simply change their look. So hair dying is one of the most popular services in salons, this demand is constantly growing, stimulated also by advances in coloring products and application techniques.

    Maintenance of Color and Retexturing Dyed Hair
    Glam! Color Style Line was developed to work capillary fibers by integration, taking into account the physiology of the strands or the state in which they are altered after dyeing or bleaching processes.

    Much more than a simple hydration, Glam! Color Style Line is a system differentiated by capillary reconstruction and retexturing with active ingredients specially chosen to complement each other, promoting the restoration of the natural elasticity and resistance of the strands, sealing cuticles, promoting anti frizz action, color maintenance, healthy appearance, three-dimensional brightness and silkiness.

  •  Maintenance of Relaxed Hair / Straightened

    Maintenance of Relaxed Hair / Straightened

    The Highest Technology in Relaxing and Straightening Hair
    The Osmium Hair Relaxing and Straightening Line offers treatments based on Guanidine (Osmium Calcium Hydroxide Cream Base + Osmium Guanidine Carbonate Activator) and a Sodium base (Osmium Sodium Hydroxide Smoothing Cream + Osmium Force Regulator).
    Both can have their strength regulated, adapting to the needs of the professional hairdresser.
    Osmium Flex Line provides protection, moisturizing, neutralization and a residual indicator for both systems, minimizing costs.

    Keep Kinky Hair Relaxed, Beautiful and Healthy
    Value health and give shape to hair. These are the tips when treating the very curly strands. Because they are thin and often dry, they need special attention and require further treatments that reverse the natural process of dryness caused by humidity, the sun and relaxation processes.
    A woman with curly hair usually relaxes her hair to give form to the strands and tame them daily. This process uses chemicals and ends up taking the shine and moisturize from the strands. Given this situation, Nutra Hair Cosmetics created the maintenance line Osmium Flex, which can be used after relaxation with calcium / guanidine or straightening with sodium. Composed of Shampoo and Revitalizing Mask, the line is a strong ally in replenishing mass, deep moisturizing and increased elasticity of the strands.

  •  Don’t Let the Sun Outshine the Health of Your Hair

    Don’t Let the Sun Outshine the Health of Your Hair

    Sun protectors for hair are essential to prevent photo aging of the strands, whether light or dark.
    Much is said about the importance of sun protection of the skin but hair also needs special care, not only in summer but throughout the year.
    Hair should not remain exposed for long periods to wind, sun, and sand, salt or chlorinated water, which have been elected the real villains of beauty. The negative action of agents attack the hair fiber, changes the elasticity, hydration, straightness, brightness and even the color of the hair, leaving it looking dry, dull, rough, rough, and faded.
    Nutra Hair 10x1 developed a multifunctional cream with sunscreen for hair, which forms a film on the strands, protecting them from damage caused by sunlight.

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